Faculty and staff articles for media

A few basic questions arise here:

How an organisation’s PR department should manage faculty and staff articles for media, if organisation is acknowledged? If they need to review them, what should be the criteria: just check (i) if anything against organisational policies; and (ii) typing and grammatical mistakes? Does reviewing an article require rewriting, if needed? Should the PR accept a badly written piece for a review? Should the faculty and staff release their articles to media directly or through the PR department?

I posed above questions to the PR experts available on Linkedin:

Sally Hems, Managing Director at Oakleaf Communications:

“Given the amount of articles and IP now required from the HE sector, I suggest empowering them to take responsibility for their articles. Otherwise this will add an extra layer of bureaucracy.

The PR dept would be best used focusing on reputation management and identifying influencers to seed articles to – rather than spending time writing articles.

To nip any problems in the bud, you could provide explicit (but not overly wordy) guidelines for articles. This could cover suggested structure, tone of voice and of course, spell check! And if there is still concern, writing training may help.”

Andy M Turner, Founder, Six Sigma Public Relations Ltd, expert B2B communications consultant:

“Anything badly written will be rejected by the destination, which will not reflect well on the author. So you should find writers are only too willing to take up a review and sense check offer from your team – provided you are adding value.”

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