Managing Press Releases

Managing post-event press releases

What could be the best way to manage post-event press releases? Options could be: (1) collect content, including speakers’ quotes in advance, prepare a draft, get it reviewed and release it timely on the event day; or (2) take notes during the sessions on the event day and then incorporate changes into the draft. If we follow the latter procedure, we may not be able to meet our deadlines (editing, review, approval, translating into local language(s) and releasing to media). Usually, late releases do not get a good coverage.

I posed these questions to PR experts on Linkedin:

Cristina Falcão, Creative Problem Solver – I DO IT – Pharmaceutical Manager – Change Management:

“Option one is the only possible one (of the two) if you want to have an event; all the people will be expecting it, it is standard procedure.”

Maria Marsala, CEO/Strategic Planning Business Coach; Building 6 & 7-figure financial sector businesses; Int’l Speaker:

“Before creating a PR, I would add:
Determine the best pitch and story to weave through the PR
Make sure that you’re not creating an ad in disguise.

But if instead you’re creating an event’s announcement, that’s not a PR.”


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