Five tips to write better English on social media

Many people in my village use internet on their mobile phones. Sometimes they ask how they can improve their English. I thought I should come up with a few tips that can be beneficial for others as well.

Please feel free to share your feedback to make the tips more effective.

  1. Know the basic grammar: Especially, the use of parts of speech. Wren and Martin’s ‘High School English Grammar and Composition’ could be the best resource to start with. However, if you search, you can also find several online resources.
  2. Read: Try to read a newspaper or a book daily. You can find several free resources online.
  3. Use Google: If you are not sure about the usage of a term or phrase, search it in Google. For example, if you search “Me standing with my friend” [use double quotes “”], you will hardly find 10 results. If you try “Along with my friend”, you will get more than 21,000,000 results. That means the latter is widely used. You can also find similar other phrases using this technique.
  4. Proofread before posting: Never post without proofreading. If you are on the desktop, use MS Word for checking typo and grammatical mistakes. Many educated people hate posts without proper punctuation.
  5. Learn from others: Follow people with excellent English writing skills and learn from their posts.

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