Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (Free)

You can copy, distribute and display the Work (video, audio, photo, text, etc.) — and derivative works based upon it — but only by giving credit to the Organiser (producer, photographer, writer, etc.). To use this license, simply attribute the Work in your work (website, film, presentation, social media, etc.).

Terms and conditions for people involved

  1. I irrevocably and with full title guaranty assign to the Organiser (producer, photographer or writer) all rights now or hereafter existing in the products of my services in relation to the Work (video, audio, photo, text, etc.) and agree that the Organiser shall have the sole right to deal with the Work containing such contribution or any part of it in any way that he/she thinks fit. I agree that the Work incorporating my contribution or any part of it may be exhibited or otherwise however exploited in all media and formats now and hereafter created throughout the universe for the full period of copyright and in perpetuity.
  2. Without expectation of compensation or other remuneration, now or in the future, I hereby give my consent to the Organizer.
  3. The Organiser may without my further consent use my name, likeness, biography photographs and recordings of interviews with me in exploiting, advertising and publicising the Work in all media and formats throughout the world now or hereafter created.
  4. The Organiser and its assignees and/or licencees shall not be liable to me or my legal representatives for any loss or damage or injury to me or my property caused or suffered in connection with the Organiser’s making of the work. I agree that I will not be entitled to injunct the Work.
  5. I confirm that the terms of this agreement have been explained to me and that I understand them.
  6. This agreement is the entire agreement between me and the Organiser relating to the Work and is governed by the laws of Pakistan.



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